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Bursting with energy

We recently held a community fundraiser called Push 4 MoOre! to make Fremantle more cycle-friendly, and Zalia volunteered to be our MC for the night. From the first time I met her, she was bursting with energy and enthusiasm for the event, and it was such a great pleasure to have her as part of the team.

She contributed a few great ideas to our event – including the adoption of ‘The Pushbike Song’ as our theme song, and the use of one of her characters ‘Lily the Frog’ as a surprise guest to the event. Lily the Frog rode in on a bicycle and was a great hit with everyone for about an hour – contributing to around $1000 of raffle ticket sales on the night. When she stepped onto the stage she seemed to have the whole room in the palm of her hand.

At one stage she had everyone stomping their feet with her on stage. The energy was fantastic and we would jump at the opportunity to have her as an MC for any of our future events. Thanks Zalia